For some time now, pocket listings have kept growing despite strong mainstream market listings. Without a doubt, it has become the perfect option for quietly marketing a home. More sellers are enlisting the services of ace real estate agents to test the market and fetch some good prices off the radar.

Buyers on the other hand are using pocket listing as a strategy to network with real estate agents, that way they are among the first people to receive info of available homes with better offers. Other than networking and testing the market, pocket listing certainly mean a lot more to both sellers and buyers.

There are a few good properties currently in the real estate market. On the other hand there are low inventories in the market. Even better is the fact that even more buyers are motivated to look around for available homes on offer. Well, these would be the perfect conditions to push more homes to the market.

Surprisingly sellers are not making their offers known in the market. Their concern is the current home values, which are relatively low. For this reason the sellers will stay in the sidelines until they get better prices.

Often, as soon as a home is listed in the mainstream market, its days on the market are counted and the value decreases. Instead of going mainstream, a seller targeting a given offer will thus opt for pocket listing.

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