Until recently, America’s priciest finished home was Palazzo di Amore, Jeff Greene’s 50,000 square foot compound, which was previously listed at $195 million but later reduced to $149 million. Hugh Hefner’s playboy mansion has now hit the market hard with a list price of $200 million.

The estimated 20,000-square-foot castle is on a five acre compound in Holmby Hills. The castle is sandwiched in between Bel-Air and Beverly Hills neighborhoods and forms what is known as Los Angeles’ Platinum Triangle. The Playboy mansion has 29 rooms with additional four-bedroom guesthouse. Also, it is one of the only Los Angeles homes with a zoo license.

With prices for prospective properties being announced far earlier than their completion dates, and several high-end new offering kept off the numerous listing services across the country. It has become quite difficult to track which property is in reality the priciest at a particular time. Hefner’s playboy mansion however appears the most expensive complete home in the market at the moment.

The other property on offer at nearly the same price is the 62,200 square foot Ziff family’s home, sitting on a 16 acre compound in Manalapan. The castle has list price of $195 million. Elsewhere in Hillsboro is a home under construction with a price tag of $159 million. Palais Royal is 60,500 square foot wide on a 4.5 acre compound. But in what seems an attempt to defeat Hugh Hefner’s asking price, there are two properties under construction one at $500million and another at $200.

The $500 million 100,000 square-foot property currently under construction in Bel-Air will be not be complete this year. The $200 million property on the other hand is a 30,000 square-foot mansion and just like the former, will according to reports be complete any time early next year.

Hefner’s mansion’s size and location are its strongest selling points. The other unique aspect of this offer is that Hefner, the 89-year-old founder of Playboy, still lives and works in the famed castle. According to reports, the sale will be structured so that he could continue staying in it.

You will remember that events at the playboy mansion often showed the Grotto, the mansion’s simulated cave with a waterspout spa. Parties at the playboy mansion also highlighted its high-end features including a catering kitchen, home theatre, swimming pool, wine cellar, tennis court and gym. Given the price tag compared with other offers currently available, Hefner’s mansion is certainly the most expensive listing in US.

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