Rent or Sell – Deciding What to Do When You Intend On Leaving Your Home

Determining whether or not a property is worth renting or a good investment is both a personal and monetary decision which depends on your tolerance for risk, financial situation, and market conditions. While many choose to sell upon leaving their home, others consider it better to rent out the property and establish a monthly passive income. Nevertheless, both carry their own sets of benefits and risks. So, take a look at these tips below to make the decision easier:

Assess Market Conditions

When it comes to determining whether you should sell or rent, it is imperative to consider the current situation in the area where your property is located. This means, you need to carry out a comparative market analysis to figure out the demand for rental properties in your neighborhood. Learn about the prices of similar properties over the last six months by researching online or asking a licensed broker, or real estate professional.

Consider the Long-Term Aspects

Is your property located in an area that is likely to be declining or improving with regards to value? Could you gain a higher profit selling or renting depending on the demand for properties in your area? These are two questions that are imperative for determining the long-term outlook of your decision. For instance, if the property values are declining, you might prefer to sell immediately and take the profit before the values decrease further. On the other hand, if the values are on the rise, you might want to keep the property by renting it out and giving it time to appreciate.

Evaluate Total Expenses for Your Property

Another important factor that is likely to affect your decision is the total expenses of maintaining your property. Therefore, calculate the carrying costs or monthly expenses of the property. This includes monthly fees, homeowners association, insurance, real estate taxes, and any mortgage payments. If you have to bear these expenses, renting out your property and using the cash to pay them off is a good idea. However, before that, it is vital that you factor into your calculation how long these payments are expected to last.

Analyze Your Cash Flow or Monthly Income

Determine the maximum monthly rent you can secure for the property and for how long. Once done, compare that to your expenses to evaluate whether or not the place can carry itself. However, you might want set up an emergency fund for the property, in case things don’t work out. Also, analyze if you can carry extra debt. Sometimes it’s worth taking a shortfall now because you will have the ability to sell the property for higher at a later time, when the market is appreciating.

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